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Common Seas supports countries and businesses to calculate their plastic emissions, set targets and design a plan to significantly reduce their plastic consumption and pollution.

PlasTICK is an online reporting tool and coach that supports businesses to gather data, measure their plastic emissions, set targets and design a plan to significantly reduce plastic consumption in every part of the business.

If you represent a hospitality or service provider business, sign up or book a demo today.

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Plastic production is on the rise. Today’s children face a future with four times more plastic in the sea.

Government and business commitments to date are barely scratching the surface. The problem is compounded by lack of transparent reporting against clear baselines.

However, there is good news. The United Nations is developing a Global Plastics Treaty that aims to cap plastic production and should mandate that countries and businesses report against targets.

In Europe and beyond, governments are requiring businesses to set plastic reduction targets.Citizens are also asking for it: sustainable tourism is driving sector growth.

Want your business to stay ahead? Sign up today or book a demo.

PlasTICK is easy and intuitive to use.

Once a hospitality business signs up, you will be supported to:

  • Measure your plastic emissions
  • Decide on the right reduction strategy
  • Get the support you need to take action
  • Share your progress with your customers and industry

PlasTICK helps businesses identify plastic emissions and find out exactly where they are coming from in the supply chain. This enables you to set targets and report your progress against a baseline. If your business has already made a start on reducing its plastic emissions, we can input historic data to capture and celebrate the progress you have already made.

You can then use PlasTICK to model the impact of different plastic reduction strategies.

PlasTICK’s easy-to-understand outputs can also help your staff to confidently communicate changes to customers in a way that builds trust.

If you would like to know more, sign up and get started, or book a demo today.

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