Common Seas joins Commonwealth wide effort to tackle ocean plastics

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By Ben Jack

More than 12 million tonnes of plastic waste pollute our waterways and seas each year, making it one of the largest threats to our global oceans. This, in turn, impacts disproportionately on the many small island and coastal state members of the Commonwealth. In response, Commonwealth countries have come together to tackle the problem through the Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance (CCOA).

Jointly led by the UK and Vanuatu, CCOA aims to marshal attention and resources towards achieving three ambitions by 2021:

  1. Banning the sale and manufacture of micro-beads in rinse-off cosmetic and personal care products,
  2. Significant reduction of single-use plastic carrier bags; and
  3. Taking steps to eliminate all avoidable single-use plastic waste.

The UK Government has established a technical assistance fund to support developing country members of the Commonwealth in progressing towards these goals.

Common Seas has been engaged by the UK Government as the lead technical advisor on the design of these assistance packages. Using the Plastic Drawdown methodology we will be working closely with countries right across the Commonwealth over the coming months to identify key pathways to tackling the plastic waste problem.

Read more about the Plastic Drawdown methodology and Commonwealth Clean Ocean Alliance.

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