Welcome to Paros!

People have been enjoying this beautiful island for more than 5000 years so let’s make sure it stays that way. One thing we can all do is stem the flow of single-use plastics into our environment and into our seas!

Whether you’re a Paros resident or visiting the island for the first time, there is something we can all do - we’ve even tried to make it easy for you with some simple tips and tricks.

Dip your toes in with 5 easy wins.

1. Choose to reuse. When you head out to explore the island, take your own cup, water bottle, bag and straw with you. Here’s a great resource to find out where to get the best reusables on the island. Pro tip – jars can be excellent carriers of all sorts of beverages.

And if you have doubts about reusables in the midst of a pandemic, have a look at our handy guide - backed by the latest research.

2. Support one of our Clean Blue Businesses on Paros - we have over 100 businesses on the island that have signed up to be part of our plastic waste-free programme. Supporting them is a vote in the right direction. Take a look at where they all are on this map.

3. Drink tap water! Tap water on Paros is safe to drink, so rather than using plastic bottles that might end up in the sea, simply refill your reusable container from the tap. If you prefer filtered water, use public water dispensers. Take a look at our report on the safety of the local water here.

4. Leave nothing but footprints. Our little island can’t handle the 5000% spike in waste production in the summer months, so please remember to take your waste with you when you leave.

5. Follow us on Instagram to learn more about our work and how you can get involved follow @commonseas and tag us in your Clean Blue adventures with #cleanblueparos.

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Dive deeper and take more action.

1. Participate in one of our Marine Litter Audits - join our amazing team of volunteers who collect crucial data on coastline waste. You could even go one step further and become a beach Godparent! Email the team at [email protected] if you want to know more.

2. Take our waste audit - to better understand your plastic usage and learn more about how you can reduce your use.


Join us as an organisation, school, or business.

1. Do you own a café, bar, restaurant or hotel? Join our crew of over one hundred Clean Blue Businesses on Paros who have signed up to be part of the solution. Email cleanblueparos@commonseas. com to find out more.

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2. Are you a teacher? Bring Clean Blue Paros into your classroom and educate your students about plastic pollution and how they can be part of the change. Check out our resources here.

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Finally, don’t miss out on updates from the team.

Follow Clean Blue Paros on Facebook here.

Follow Common Seas on Instagram here.

Get in touch [email protected]

Want to support our work financially? You can donate here.

Most of all, have an amazing time on Paros!

Clean Blue Paros Team x

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